SQL Server Management Studio Tips & Tricks From Dr Greg Low

It’s been a bit slow in the US this week due to the American 4th of July holiday, but it’s been especially so for me since I work for a manufacturing company.  Our plants typically shut down for the entire week allowing us to do any major infrastructure work that requires more down time that is typically available in our weekly maintenance windows.

This year we didn’t really have a lot on the schedule, so I’m using my “free” time to play catch up on all my technical reading.  There are so many things on my “to read” list but one I’ve been really excited to read was Dr Greg Low’s (B | T) SQL Server Management Studio Tips & Tricks ebook.  I must say I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve been working with SQL Server for 20 years now and didn’t really think I could learn that much, but Greg has some great nuggets that will help save valuable time when I’m elbows deep in T-SQL code.

If you haven’t read his ebook (which is completely free!) I highly recommend it.  Especially if you spend any amount of time in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).

5 thoughts on “SQL Server Management Studio Tips & Tricks From Dr Greg Low

  1. Tried to get the book – clicking on the link takes you to the sign up page where you provide your name and e-mail address; you are supposed to be e-mailed a link to download the e-book. Did not get the e-mail, so I went to the author’s website. On the site you cannot download the e-book either…something not right about this, since clicking on the “send me the e-book” brings up the same sign up page requiring name and e-mail address!???

    1. Mike – Sorry to hear you are having issues downloading the ebook. My first suggestion would be to check your spam filter for the email with the link. If it’s not there, you can always contact Greg via Twitter (http://twitter.com/greglow). He’s usually very responsive – just remember that he’s in Australia, so time zones play a part in communication timing. Good luck and hopefully happy reading soon!

  2. Hi Folks, people seem to overall be getting it fine but if you have any issues, please just ping me on twitter or gregATgreglowDOTcom. Happy to help. We do come across the odd email address that bounces for some reason.

    Glad you found it useful Angela.

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