I have recently begun to contemplate pursuing the MCSA Certification.  I have been working with SQL Server for almost 20 years and have never considered getting a certification before now.  I have met so many people through the years who have the certifications and were quite frankly “dumb as a box of rocks”.  They just happen to be good at regurgitating information on an exam but had no practical experience.  Throw them an unusual situation and they stare back at you with blank eyes.

I know having those extra letters behind my name could give me a boost if I was in the job market, but I’m happily settled at my current employer, with no plans to move on.  I realize that anything could happen and I could be out looking for a job tomorrow, but if that were the case maybe I could have used that $450 I spent on certification to pay for groceries.  I am not saying the tests should be free, but it is a hard pill for me to swallow when I’ve managed just fine without those letters after my name this long.

Who knows, I may have missed opportunities that I didn’t even know about because I didn’t have those letters, but how can you miss what you’ve never had?

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