Summit 2012 is over, but not forgotten

What a whirlwind last week was.  There were so many sessions to attend and only one of me.  I needed to clone myself a couple of times over in order to catch all the sessions that I wanted to see.  Unfortunately, that technology is nowhere near ready, so I had to choose wisely.

I attended Jason Strate’s (@StrateSQL) session on Extended Events, which was awesome.  I have used extended events in the past, but not to the extent in which he covered.  Wearing the DBA hat again after so many years of not wearing it, this session will be a time saver for sure.

I attempted to attend Bob Ward’s (@bobwardms) session on SQLOS, but was turned away 10 minutes before the session started because it was already full.  Lesson learned here:  Stake out my spot in Bob Ward’s sessions even earlier next year.  He is a smart dude and a great speaker.  Looking forward to the recordings being released so I can see it.

I attended a couple of sessions with Matt Masson (@mattmasson), including the BI Power Hour, which are always fun and educational – Thank you Matt (& Mr Wiggles) for making learning so much fun!

I was also able to attend one of my SQL Heroes’ sessions, Kalen Delaney (@sqlqueen), on the internals of columnstore indexes.  Kalen Delaney is so smart it makes my brain hurt.  I started out as a fan of hers when I purchased my first SQL Internals book about a million years ago.

After all these years, I finally got to attend a session with Kevin Kline (@KEKLINE) and David Klee (@kleegeek) on Virtualization.  Wow, the depth of knowledge between these two surpasses the Mariana Trench.

Wrapped up my Summit experience with a couple of sessions on Visual Studio 2012, a.k.a., SQL Server Data Tools.  I was looking forward to seeing Gert Drapers of MS, but his cohorts, Barclay Hill & Adam Mahood, did just fine without him.  Also picked up a few new things from Robert Cane (@arcanecode) on the GUI.

Thank you to all the speakers for taking the time to share your knowledge with the SQL world.

Thank you to all the volunteers and PASS HQ staff.  It would not have been as successful without you.

PASS Election Season

Did you know that it’s election season for PASS?  Did you know that you can pose questions to the potential candidates via the Election Forums?  The NomCom is busy interviewing candidates and is offering you the opportunity to ask the candidates question, via the NomCom.  Do you have a question burning a hole in the back of your mind?  You can ask anything from platform related issues to who their favorite sporting team is and just about anything in between.

This is your community, get involved.

NomCom, what it’s all about

I submitted my application for the NomCom last week and the polls opened up yesterday.  I’ve seen an amazing amount of support not only from friends and co-workers, but also members of the community that I’ve never met.  That is what PASS is all about.  A community that encourages and helps others without ever having met someone and asking nothing in return.  I know I made the right decision to run for NomCom.  Have you voted yet?  If not, get out there and vote, your vote does count.  Read through the candidates qualifications and their applications and make your decision based on the that.  Good luck to all the candidates!